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James Smith

Location: Seattle, WA Phone: (555) 123-4567 Email: [email protected] LinkedIn: GitHub:


Senior DevOps Engineer with over 10 years of experience in automating, optimizing, and maintaining robust CI/CD pipelines and infrastructure. Proficient in cloud platforms, configuration management, and monitoring tools. Adept at collaborating with development and operations teams to streamline workflows and enhance system reliability and performance.


Professional Experience

Senior DevOps Engineer

CloudTech Solutions – Seattle, WA March 2017 – Present

  1. Designed and implemented scalable CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins and GitLab CI, reducing deployment times by 50%.
  2. Managed and optimized AWS infrastructure, resulting in a 30% cost reduction while improving system performance.
  3. Led the migration of monolithic applications to containerized microservices using Docker and Kubernetes, enhancing scalability and maintainability.
  4. Developed and maintained infrastructure as code (IaC) using Terraform and Ansible, ensuring consistency and reliability across environments.
  5. Implemented comprehensive monitoring and logging solutions using Prometheus, Grafana, and the ELK Stack, improving incident response times.

DevOps Engineer

Innovate Solutions Inc. – Portland, OR June 2013 – February 2017

  1. Automated infrastructure provisioning and configuration management using Chef and Terraform, reducing setup times from days to hours.
  2. Collaborated with development teams to optimize build and release processes, resulting in a 40% increase in deployment frequency.
  3. Deployed and managed container orchestration platforms, including Kubernetes and Docker Swarm, to support microservices architecture.
  4. Set up and maintained CI/CD pipelines with Jenkins and CircleCI, ensuring seamless integration and continuous delivery of applications.
  5. Monitored system performance and conducted root cause analysis for production issues, implementing fixes and optimizations to prevent recurrence.

Junior DevOps Engineer

TechStart LLC – San Francisco, CA July 2010 – May 2013

  1. Assisted in the automation of deployment processes using Bash scripts and Jenkins, improving deployment consistency and reliability.
  2. Maintained and monitored cloud-based infrastructure on AWS, ensuring high availability and performance.
  3. Implemented configuration management using Puppet, standardizing server configurations and reducing manual intervention.
  4. Supported development teams with environment setup, troubleshooting, and performance tuning.
  5. Gained experience with network configuration, load balancing, and security best practices.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science University of California, Berkeley – Berkeley, CA Graduated: May 2010


  1. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional
  2. Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)
  3. Microsoft Certified: Azure DevOps Engineer Expert
  4. HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate


Multi-Cloud Deployment Platform

  1. Designed and implemented a multi-cloud deployment platform using Terraform and Ansible, enabling seamless provisioning across AWS, Azure, and GCP.

CI/CD Pipeline Optimization

  1. Led a project to optimize CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins and Docker, reducing build and deployment times by 60%.

Monitoring and Alerting System

  1. Developed a comprehensive monitoring and alerting system using Prometheus, Grafana, and ELK Stack, enhancing visibility into system performance and reliability.

Open Source Contributions

  1. Contributed to the Kubernetes project by submitting patches and improving documentation.
  2. Maintained an open-source Terraform module for AWS infrastructure, used by numerous organizations globally.


  1. English: Native
  2. Spanish: Intermediate
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